Premium Course

Only for the most  serious chess players. In here the training is done exclusively by our Head Coach Vishal Sareen and International Master Hemant Sharma. For good measures, you will get inspired by Arjuna Awardee Abhijeet Gupta, every now and then. The course fee is based on the hours you spend in the classroom. No classes are missed, and there is a guaranteed homework for every student every day. For more details please contact 9958030007.

The Aspiring Group

We are hoping to nurture the best of talents through this group. The idea is - show them the way, and they will prosper. Every now and then you will find our Head Coach and other prominent coaches giving advice, and the way forward.


The Beginners Group

Want to start playing chess? You are where you should be. Get in touch and we have the best faculty to train the wannabes.